A message to all our artists and subscribers from The Directors of FairPlay.fm

(As if the pandemic wasn’t enough...)

For all those who have read our recent social media posts, you will have heard that our European servers suffered a fire recently and subsequently we have been offline. The photo above is footage of our servers going up in flames.

Over the last week, we have had regular contact with our server suppliers and it is with deep regret that we were informed that the damage to our server was catastrophic, and our data unrecoverable. We also discovered that our back up system, whilst not on the same server, was in fact housed in the same room and received severe fire damage, too.

In addition to recovering any scraps of data possible from the server, we have been trawling through all our own back-ups and static data. Amazingly, it looks like we may be on track for pre-fire status in about 6-8 weeks, following our recovery schedule. We are aiming to return our site to the same level of efficiency as before within that time frame.

NB: This timeline is subject to change and is not confirmed.

However, the irretrievable facts are that the artists’ cumulative earnings data has been lost. Also, some of the recent music artists uploaded may have been lost, though we aren’t sure of this yet.

To counter these unfortunate consequences, the board has decided the income of a minimum of 200 plays will be credited to each one of our artists who posted music on the site. The board have also agreed to credit the active subscriber accounts at the time of the fire, with 200 free coins with which to spend on listening to the music of any of our artists on our site. To facilitate these offers, a dedicated member of our board of directors will contact any artist who has lost their music uploads as soon as we can resume our normal service and will be on hand to answer any questions from either artists or subscribers.

The board of Fairplay.fm is deeply distressed about this situation and we appreciate that you, our artists and subscribers, will be as well. While this fire was completely out of our control, we will work with you all to restore Fairplay.fm as the site which is designed to support artists and their music and creative talents.

We look forward to seeing you again soon on our site, and in the meantime stay safe and well.

The Directors of FairPlay.fm