FairPay for FairPlay

About FairPlay.fm

FairPlay.fm has been created by musicians for musicians with the sole purpose of providing a music streaming service which both excites our listeners and ensures our artists receive free access to managing their online playlist and generous, frequent and fair payment for the music they provide for our enjoyment. All the partners in FairPlay.fm have extensive music industry experience in a variety of forms and have combined this experience to bring our listeners a platform that provides the best in both contemporary and established musical genres for both our clients and artists.

Artist Page

FairPlay.fm is committed to ensuring that every time you listen to a chosen track, the artist will receive a payment into their FairPlay account.

Why is this important?

Other streaming services pay a very low rate to the artists and insist on a minimum number of plays before the performers see any return from their music. In other words, if the minimum number of plays which generates payment is not made then the money is kept by the streaming platform and remains in their bank accounts despite it being the artist's money.

FairPlay.fm believe this to be an abuse of the both the rights and intellectual capital of the artists and whether an artist is streaming their music for the first time, or whether they are successful international acts, they are entitled to the money they earn.

We at FairPlay.fm wish to play our part in ensuring that artists hosting their music on our platform receive the income they both deserve and are due, to allow them to continue financing and producing the music which they want to make and you, their fans want to hear. So if an artist has one play or 100,000 plays they will receive from Fairplay.fm all the money due to them.


Unlike other streaming platforms who charge artists for any activity which involves altering the play lists they have uploaded, FairPlay.fm offer a totally free management service to all our artists to allow them to upload or take down any of their tracks at any time and as often as they wish.

This flexibility is intended to give all artists on our platform complete agency over their music and the ability to provide all our customers with their very latest work, as soon as it's ready. If you are an artist who wishes to place your music on FairPlay.fm then please register here.


How do I subscribe to FairPlay.fm?

We wish to make it as easy and transparent as possible for our listeners to sign up on our platform and to see exactly how much it costs to listen to one of your chosen artists.

We have chosen a payment format with which you will be very familiar and offers the opportunity to purchase a bundle of listening time in the way you would purchase talk and text time on your mobile phone.

We pledge that unlike other streaming platforms, every time during the course of the month you listen to a song or performance by an artist on our platform, they will receive all the money due to them as a result of those plays instantly!